Haunted Days

by Excellion

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Excellion's First EP "Haunted Days"


released October 18, 2009

Music & Lyrics by Excellion

Tracking, mix and master by Excellion Records



all rights reserved


Excellion Mexico

Nowadays only a few projects are the ones that own the true capability of achieving expressions so distinctive, and at the same time displaying a vast surrounding energy.

Excellion – “always evolve, always excel” – is part of a new wave of Mexican projects with quite a unique sound, since it expresses a fusion from a full-energy Math Metal to modern progressive djenty rock.
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Track Name: Four Walls

Laying in the darkest corner
The shadows are taking me over
Crawling away, this remember
I'm condemned...

Asphyxiated, suffocated
Haunted for those that I've taken
Souls devouring, souls are claiming
Now they're coming... (now they're coming)

Cannot be buried anymore
The blame of the torture, all I've done
Horrific silence in a room
The sorrow soon will be gone.

There're just four walls
Suffocating my freedom
A damn cell draining my soul
(It's just keeping me away from my own)

At least the hour has arrived
Remembers are eating me alive
Through the absolving fire
Burning my- sins- as- I- die

All the agony, all the pain
I'm the only soul to blame
The walls are falling, last words to say...
(You'll fade away)
Asphyxiated, suffocated
Haunted for those that I've taken
Souls devouring, souls are claiming
Now they're coming... (Now they're here)



In my mind, I cry. Keeping a secret inside
It has now consumed my life.
Track Name: Words for a Gone Hero

Verse 1

I've wished that night to be just a dream
An ephemeral day that was not real
Just wasted ideas that lived in my head
You were leaving my side anyway

Laying in a silent stare (hiding my face)
Watching your back with nothing to say (to you)
It's so hard to accept the sorrowful fate
For taking you they've gained my hate

Verse 2

At the first light of that day
I didn't give you a chance to slip away
To bring you something that could not wait
It was that game you taught me to play

I shouted with all my heart (giving you away)
Don't let them take you down don't you dare to spare
The life of those that want you dead
All I wish to them is hell


Between dark, between white
There's only grey now in my life
God please don't take away his light
Don't leave me alone through this night


Do you fight
For this land?
For your heart?
Or the people
You left behind

Don't let the war
Change your law
Take your time
With every last

Shot in the night
Show your might
It's alright until you're back
Here by my side
And with pride
A hero that comes out of inside

Verse 3

I can not remove those dreams
Thoughts invading my mind I hear a scream
With every thought I start to feel weak
Things have gotten worse since you're not here

I can't control this fear(don't disappear)
I'll write with blood the day you were gone from here
And count from there every second with tears
I'll pray that these words can hit your ears
Track Name: The Frozen Rose

Verse 1

I stand in front of light
A candle stays trough the night with me
Her sense remains in my mind
I feel her presence too near from me

Verse 2

And then I open my eyes
The candle dies by a frozen wind
A frightenly shadow of life
Makes me comeback from the deepest dream


Deep in the dark
A breath is brushing my back
I feel cold in my hands
There are torns piercing my heart

Verse 3
I won't be able to bear the sight
Of her broken heart... lugubrious eyes
I reach her portrait... hold it... tight

Verse 4

While I she'd despairing tears
Her deadly embrace is pulling me
And maybe I don't want to resist

I can't tell if I'm dead or sleep
Her empty soul caress my lips
Her frozen stare is all I see


She Falls into deep of my confusion
Where no life can reach
I stand Alone

A rose her perfume creates an ilusion
That time couldn't kill
I'll die with you

Verse 5

What if I donґt want to keep (so what if I don't want to live

This holds no meaning, it's killing me...)
Forcing me senselessly to live
I give myself into this kiss
Track Name: Burning Eyes

Verse 1
Sneaking through the night
The fear goes away
But the ail
It's never left behind

Because of the deceive
It all turned to pain
And this rain
Can't erase blood stains

As I run Into a throng
I can see their eyes
Do they know
What feeds all my fear

It burns to feel their sights
There's no place to hide
No control
I set myself aside

Don't ever look back to this
A terrifying dream
So please forget her screams

No this simple can not be
I tore you apart from me
I fall upon my knees

A puddle of water
Shows a known reflect
Of a murderer
With a demoniac stare
That keeps observing
I can't avoid those eyes replete with hate

As he keeps looking
I recognize my face
My heart struggles
I'm staring at myself
Through my sight
I can see the burning flares of hell

Verse 2
Can you still recall her face?
Her guilty moans of lust
You ignored her tears to soothe you ache